Sell Your Caravan or Motorhome with Fraser RV Toowoomba

Sell, Trade or Consignment

Sell your van with us

Fraser Rv can buy your caravan, motorhome or camper, trade it, or we also sell on consignment.

​After moving to our new site at 15 Roches Rd Withcott, We have heaps more space to fit more vans. The following are vehicles that we are always on the look out for:

​- Twin axle caravans with a shower and a toilet
– Light weight single axle caravans
– Poptop caravans
– Bunk Bed caravans
– Motorhomes up to 20 years old
– Caravans of any age, so long as its been looked after.

When selling on consignment we look after your vehicle like it were our own. Vehicles are washed regularly and secured at night. We provide the best opportunity for you to get the best price for your caravan or RV.

On average we get over a thousand web visits per week, dozens of calls per day, over 44,000 vehicles past the yard and over 100 potential buyers through the gates per week.

Caravan Consignment Roadmap

Selling your caravan or motorhome with us is easy.

Selling with Fraser RV is easy! Fraser Rv can buy your caravan, motorhome or camper, trade it, or we also sell on consignment. We include lots of perks including professional photographs, advertisements on several sales sites and regular updates.

Provide Details

We require the following information to evaluate your van: Drivers license, Registration paperwork to confirm ownership, Make, model, and a few photos of your van.

Bring Your Caravan

Bring your caravan or motorhome to the yard, or, if you’re strapped for time, we can come pick it up for you! Rest assured knowing your caravan is safe in our super secure yard!

We Sell it

We offer many perks to move your caravan or motorhome quickly including photography, space on sales sites and regular updates!

Please note that Fraser Rv has recently implemented some additional constraints on consignment listings. We are no longer able to take the following vehicles on consignment;

– Wind up campers over 12 years old
– Lift up campers of any age
– Soft floor campers
– Converted bus motorhomes of any age
– Motorhomes over 20 years old.